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Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Year Xbox Live Gold Subscription Giveaway... Thing

The story about how we got this thing is actually kind of sweet. Evan at Microsoft/Edelman was afraid Grandma's Xbox Live subscription would run out before they got a chance to get her a code, so he sent her a 12-month card before he searched for a one-use code he could e-mail to her, just in case he couldn't find one in time. Well, he did find a code, and the card arrived anyway via DHL. She e-mailed him back to thank him and also to find out what to do with the card. His reply: give it to someone else, give it away on the blog, whatever we wanted. It's all good.

Evan's awesome like that.

So we're going to have a giveaway!

We can't do the e-mail thing because that didn't work so well last time when 20th Century Fox bailed on us when they found out Grandma didn't like the movie Grandma's Boy respectfully fell out of contact, so we'll do it the old fashion way. Grandma digs old fashioned shit. And so do I!

Send an awesome postcard to:

One Year Xbox Live Gold Subscription Giveaway Thing
c/o Barbara St. Hilaire (aka Old Grandma Hardcore)
PO Box 553
Mantua, OH 44255

Now when we say "awesome postcard", it can be whatever the hell you want. You can make it yourself if you like; she doesn't care as long as it gets here. Grandma loves getting mail; if you want to be creative or unique- all the better. If you send her something crazy we'll even post the best ones for posterity. The drawing for the subscription, however, is going to be random. Whether you send us a beautiful stick figure rendering of Grandma kicking some zombie ass or a nude picture of yourself licking a wireless controller provocatively or if you just send her a $.29 "Greetings from the World's Largest Toothbrush Holder" postcard from the highway rest-stop down the road, you have the same chance of getting the card, worth about fifty bucks nowadays.

The card hasn't been cracked open or scratched or anything, and I don't see any restrictions about international 360 gamers written on the back so as far as I know, you're good for it too. If I turn out to be wrong about that and you win the drawing, I'll get you a region appropriate subscription myself. The only thing I see is that it's just for the Xbox 360, so classic XBox gamers are out of luck on this one.

So send her some postcards!

And if any of you folks who aren't 360 owners just feel like writing Grandma for the hell of it, the address up there is the place to send it. She loves getting mail. We'll do something similar for the other systems as well later on so no one gets left out. Most of you know Grandma enough to know she's all about all the consoles.

Game on!


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