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Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Netherlands Love Granmda

I have to get this out there because I'm dying to know. The international response to Grandma has been wonderful. We've had thousands of hits from each continent except Antarctica, but their search engines are really hard to list.

One country stands out. The Netherlands.

Our usual rank order of country has consitently been:
1. United States
2. The Netherlands
3. Canada
4. UK
5. Sweden
6. Germany
7. Australia

...then the rest of our country's graph fluctuates from day to day. But why The Netherlands? This covers a 24 hour period, even when set to different time zones. Most often they have no referring link and a unique IP address and ISP, so it's a bunch of people. Many send us e-mails saying "Grandma is the Shit!" When Grandma and I discussed this she had this to say:

Grandma- "The Netherlands??"
Me- "Netherlands!!"
Grandma- "Why?"
Me- "I don't know!"
Grandma- "I hear it's pretty there."
Me- "Never been."
Grandma- "Why The Netherlands??"

Europe has a pretty intense gaming culture. It would make sense that they also have a whole slew of gaming grandmas, each swearing at PAL television sets in their respective language. Grandma seems to be really liked in most countries of Europe, but Netherlands offsets my whole US-Canada-UK-Australia prediction. I don't understand. It's fantastic, but I don't fucking get it.

Please help me.

--More updates coming! Grandma continues with God of War.... Grandma Departs With A Long Time Friend..... Grandma versus Jack Thompson: The Movie...... etc.,.... Thanks for the comments and e-mails!--


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