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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cleveland Scene Magazine and PodTech Podcast

Grandma had the honor of getting some press from our local free weekly: The Cleveland Scene. The piece is kind of embarassing in that it was penned by Joe P. Tone, a guy who usually writes about more interesting things, but then again- we're modest to the point of hatred.

Grandma and I also got a chance to say all that couldn't be said about girls and gaming in this here newfangled "podcast" thingy over with Rio Pesino at PodTech. In truth, Grandma says very little and I ramble on about my barely articulate theories. Included (and very brilliant) in the interview was Jane Pinckard of Game Girl Advance.

The Cleveland Scene article distinguishes itself from other print articles about Grandma because of the holy grail of free weeklies such as Village Voice, Detroit Free Press, etc.,. in which they can print whatever goddamn motherfucking word they want and still maintain journalistic integrity. Joe, much like Jose with the Washington Post back in December of 2005, called frequently to verify all the little details obtained in the initial interviews, including the spelling of Deadrising, whether or not the kill-count of 4,000 on her screen seemed plausible, whether or not I used to word "geek" or "nerd" to self-flagellate myself... ...you know, the usual.

The PodTech podcast went fairly well except for my endless rambling; and Grandma had difficulty hearing Rio's questions (our phones suck) so she asked me to jump on the phone to repeat certain things. I was just sitting there minding my own business, as they say, and Grandma said "Tim, pick up the phone, I can't hear..." and I became engrossed in their conversation enough to try to 'enlighten the world' or whatever. Like I know something, right? The fuck do I know?!

One major, MAJOR clarification from the podcast- I don't consider the Fragdolls to be "obscene." That was a poor choice of words. Hell, most of you folks know us enough to guess that a group of gamers putting together a naked LAN orgy wouldn't offend us in the least. The Fragdolls are great, we're just put off a bit by the marketing of it all; that one should display an attractive bird to show diversity in a genre. The Fragdoll clan isn't to blame, shit- they're a great bunch of gamers. Jane said it best in the Podcast when she noted that the community leader of the Fragdolls really does make herself available on panel shows and the like to try and discuss the Ultimate Gaming Gender Question(s). I suppose the fuckup was made because I was trying to make myself sound intelligent or... something. I don't know.

So: Lumines Live is coming out very soon (TODAY), Final Fantasy XII is being released on Halloween here in the states and god knows there will be some interesting rioting and apocalyptic gnashing of teeth upon the releases of the Wii and the Playstation 3. Grandma and I have the feeling we'll have to wait until next year to get a hold of the new systems (at the moment, we're broke) but we wish you guys all the luck in the world at obtaining a couple of your own.

But that's for another post.

Game on!


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