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This blog is the chronicle of my experiences with Grandma, the video-game playing queen of her age-bracket and weight class. She will beat any PS2, XBox, GameCube, etc., console game put in front of her, just like she always has. These are her stories. She is absolutely real. She lives in Cleveland.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Grandma's Life on XBox Live

Grandma is experiencing the unique world of XBox Live through World Championship Poker. She hasn't gotten the "mute button" quite down yet, so be patient with her; because this is what happens:

[Grandma fires up XBox, plugs in headset, signs into live, begins playing on open table]
Grandma - "Tim! I can't tell if the headset is working! How do I tell?"
Me - "I don't know, ask them a question or something."
[Grandma scratches her finger on the microphone]
Random Anonymous Player - "AAAHH!!!! MY FUCKING EARS!!!"
Grandma - "I think it works!!"

Grandma - "Oh FUCK!! Dammit! I spilled coffee on myself!!"
Random Anonymous Player - "You spilled coffee?"
Grandma - [looking at me and whispering as though the mic can't pick up her voice] "I think he heard me!"

--Ask Grandma Hardcore: Open Forum coming again tonight at 9:00pm EST continuing on into the night like we usually do. More updates on the way!--


  • At 1:18 PM, Blogger leonard_shelby said…


  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger Jakanden said…

    Lol zing!

  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger Lucefin said…

    LOL! Gotta be careful if grandma reads her cards aloud. She could be giving her hand away!

    OT: Hey, Tim, update that music track listing! I'm dying to find out what the closing song is on Video #7.

  • At 6:45 PM, Blogger DY357LX said…

    Isn't there a little light on the part of the headset that connects to the pad?
    Red = Mic Off
    Green = Mic On

    Thats whats on the pads over here in the UK anyways.

    Also, CtrlAltDel, I have a question for you regarding your alias. (Well, alias's)
    Has the "OGHC" GamerTag been recognised on XBox Live yet by gamers? And lastly, you post under the name CtrlAltDel and your name is (apparently) Tim. Did you know that the guy thar draws a comic strip called CTRL+ALT+DEL is also called Tim? (Tim Buckley I believe).


    Check it out because its an awesome strip + keep up the good work on the site.

  • At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL, that's funny.

    I remember this one time I tried whispering to a friend who was 10 feet away, so that the friend standing next to me wouldn't hear.

    Maybe I wasn't the brightest kid? :D

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger CtrlAltDelete said…


    Yeah, the folks at the Penny Arcade forums asked me about that also. Nope, I'm not the Tim from Ctr-Alt-Delete online, it's a weird sort of coincidence. I wish I was, though- that guy can DRAW. I've always used the screen name CtrlAltDelete since the early days of AOL.

  • At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL! Gotta be cheap diablo 3 Gold aware when grandma states the woman's greeting cards loudly. The lady could be offering the girlBillig Guild Wars 2 Gold hand aside!


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